hello my name is bird, i'm 24 and from the south of england. i like kpop, art, copious amounts of tv shows and cute things. i've only been drawing a year - treat me kindly uwu!

Currently playing: FFXIV (Balmung)

hello kids, i’m back to shove dragon boys and face doodles at you and to let you know my new tumblr is->  yenflux  <- and i have officially moved over. theme and whatnot is still WIP but since i’m a bit overwhelmed following people again, if you feel like following me go ahead and i will follow back since it’s a bit easier that way.

hope you’re all good!

ali i still hate you.


-ryan replied to your post “-ryan replied to your video:I’ve contributed to Lalafell glitches. i…”

fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine only if you powerlevel me thx xoxo but how will i even tell u what i named myself?!

Ya I’ll hook you up girl. And idk maybe if you FUCKING GOD SKYPE OH MY GOD. Just do it.

i want to roll lala but i like my two characters as they are and dont want to start a new one :(

Roll it on Balmung so we can actually fucking hang out since you hate skype. This tumblr is going bye bye tomorrow, so it’s a good chance to hang you dickbutt.


I’ve contributed to Lalafell glitches.

Anonymous sent: Why are you deleting your tumblr??

There are lots of reasons, but primarily I’m taking myself out of a situation I’m not comfortable with anymore. There’s the nice side of tumblr, where I’ve met some great people, even had amazing relationships, made friends etc. but there is also an absolutely abysmal and disgusting side of tumblr that inevitably ruins it for everyone else.

There are people I would whole heartedly rather delete my tumblr to avoid, than have any form of contact or interaction or even a sideways glance at. Rather than making it a possibility, I’m just being a grown up and removing myself from a situation rather than being in a place where it could happen.

Who knows, I could be back, I might keep my XIV tumblr, or make a tumblr for art only. But for right now, I’m going to scoot off and hopefully stay in contact with some of the wonderful people I’ve come to know.

Just letting everyone know I’m going to be deleting my tumblr this time next week, so if any of you would like to stay in contact please send me an ask or fanmail or anything with your skype or email or yada yada in.

Thank you!



Kan-Ye-Senna. No one grand company should have all that power.
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Kan-Ye-Senna. No one grand company should have all that power.



beep beep friends

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laying on the grass sounds so nice until you realize there are bugs and dirt everywhere

If I don’t reblog this, assume I’m dead.

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